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Back in Black, Back in KC

Angela is doing way too much for my birthday stuff – it’s making me feel guilty!

Last week, she took me to see Louis Black at the Bass Performance Hall. It was so freaking hilarious that I couldn’t stop laughing. The venue was cool, too. It made me miss theatre and my old stagehand days in Local 31, but then I remembered the long hours working outdoors and was happy to actually be watching a show in the audience for the first time in a long time.

Speaking of Kansas City, we went back last weekend for Angela’s bridal shower and other wedding planning stuff. It was excellent to see everyone and spend time relaxing. We also got the cake, pastor, and string trio taken care of, too.

It was also good for my mom and Angela’s mom to finally meet, and from what I hear they had a great time together.

Okay, back to work for me, but I wanted to leave you with probably the most true and funny analysis of Net Neutrality: