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Air rumors were correct!

MacBook AirWant. Badly. This is the replacement laptop for my old, aging 12″ Powerbook. Now I just need some cash :).I’m amazed with the thinness of it. It’s really too bad the SSD option doubles the price of the laptop. $1799 is a bit hefty to begin with, and I want my home theatre setup first.Either way, it was a pretty interesting start to MacWorld. I found it funny that Twitter immediately died at the start of the keynote. AppleTV looks a bit more like a real product, and iTMS finally has HD video.Today is Angela‘s birthday! WooHoo! Happy Birthday, Angela! We celebrated with friends last weekend and tonight we’re going out for dinner. I’ve tried to keep her from opening her packages early and I think I was moderately successful. We’ll see.Okay, back to work for me.

Security Question

Saw this come through in a tweet from Jeff Atwood and loved it.  Check out the link, it’s a short but good read.

Security Question by Ramon Rozas III.

He strode forward, weaving amongst the students. His target was walking along with two other young men, blue LL Bean book bag over his shoulder. The man hurried to catch up and fell in beside the student with the blue bag. “Hello there!” he said, tapping the youth on the shoulder.

Birthday Fun time explosion, with welts

Admittedly, this is coming a bit late as my birthday was almost two weeks ago. However, it’s high time that I finally write about it!

Angela surprised me with tickets to see Paula Poundstone at Bass Performance Hall (which explains the two mobile pics in the posts below). It was a great show and a wonderful time. It was nice to see Paula doing better and staying as funny as ever.

The 4th came and went without too much fanfare – we were still in the monsoon and I caught a quick break and mowed the yard. Oh the joys of adulthood.

However, come my birthday weekend, there was much fanfare. Angela got me an awesome package of fancy popping kernels (evidently the fancy way of saying pop corn) which are very tasty. Even Angela enjoys! She also got me a bluetooth headset and a spiffy Alton Brown grill kit. The grill kit contained: dinosaur water bottle from the show, grill gloves, and tongs. Good work!!

Jordan and Cathy came in town Friday night, with Josh and Kat arriving Saturday morning. The next morning would bring carnage (in paintball form).

Josh, Sean, Jordan, Eric, Griff, Ethan and I all arrived at the paintball field to be surprised by Brandon and Bryce. David eventually made it to the correct field and the game was afoot!

Well, no, the sweating was afoot. See, with all of the rain, we had to change locations as the original field was slightly underwater. So, we moved it to the (closer) North Richland Hills location which, while not underwater, was still quite muggy. I think Sean had it right by taking it like a man by wearing shorts and dealing with the welts later. Unlike Sean, the rest of us came in baggy pants and long sleeved shirts, which for those not accustomed to Texas in the summer is akin to having your own personal sauna at all times.

After many rounds and countless trees killed dead, and expiring not one but three boxes of paint between the 10 of us, we all decided that we’d much rather be showered in our bathrooms rather than from the sweat dripping from the facemasks.

That evening, we all returned back to our house and managed to squeeze around 18 folks into the house. I had no idea we could do that! If we sell the house, we’ll certainly have to put that down as a selling feature. I grilled burgers, and we had endless help and great food prepared by everyone else. Many thanks to you all, especially Angela, Cathy, and Kat!

Sunday came and went too quickly, but we did manage to catch Ratatouille and it was amazing. Love the Pixar films.

Last weekend was largely lazy on my part and hard work on Angela’s since she had to work. This coming weekend, Cathy says goodbye to Texas as she moves back up to Lawrence for the Fall semester. To celebrate, we’re going to watch HPATOOTP. Hah, toot. Anyhoo, I’ve been twittering more regularly than posting, and I’ve found that I really enjoy it. It’s not near as narcisistic as I thought it would be. Angela deemed it “blogging your AIM away messages” and that’s essentially how I’ve treated it. I need to get some more of you all tied in with it so I can keep up on the randomness in everyones’ lives a bit better.

As for now, I can’t wait for this weekend to finally get my hands on the new HP book. ?HP: HP(book) ? HP(movie). This, of course, means that I cannot look at any sites halfway related to HP until I finish it considering that it has already been leaked out to BT in image form. Counting down the days!!

Unexpected Freedom

Angela and I have lived together for going on two years now, and have been married for almost nine months. In that time, we have only spent a couple days apart. Recently, her schedule has been flip flopped so her weekends are Monday and Tuesday. That gave me all sorts of random free time. Time to… redo the brick out front! Oh how times have changed!
Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and signed up for my twitter account. I’ve been watching this for about 6 months now and never really bought into it. It’s the “who cares” of reading people’s blogs with IM’s lack of content. Except that I do care about blogs, and I can’t survive a day without IM. I’m looking into cool things I can do with the API (like triggering a tweet when my door contacts are broken), but other than that, I’m thinking I might update a short message more often than a whole post. Who knows. Either way, check it out, you might enjoy it. That, or the banality of my normal life will drive you mad. Have fun!