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Spoon + New Pornographers

Caught the Spoon/New Pornographers show Friday night at HOB. I really don’t like this venue overall, but the gear was good so I couldn’t complain about the sound. It’s just very boxy and the balcony overhang comes out too close to the stage. Didn’t affect me, somehow I managed to work my way to the front center.

Emma Pollock opened and she was amazing. Her singing powered through and it was a great start to the already delayed evening.
New Pornographers were all together, which I hear is a rarity considering the number of miscellaneous solo careers within the band. They put on an awesome show, and I loved the superband quality to the performance as various members came in to solo than rotated back to support.

Spoon finally made it on and the energy they brought was incredible. I was also happy to hear them play “The Ghost of You Lingers” as most people seemed to dismiss this track on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, but I love it. Hearing it live was both eerie and powerful.


Conference Fun

If you’re wondering why it’s been so long since my last post, I blame work. We are just a couple weeks outside the end of the 2 year project I’m on and we’re tying up all the loose ends, finishing our testing, and making sure our customers are on board.

Last week we sneaked away to our vendor’s annual conference. This year it was in Orlando, and it was my first year to go. After some flight antics which I won’t bore you with we made it into Orlando and checked into our hotel, the Swan in Disney World.

The conference itself was a blast and we got to work directly with the vendor on many topics. I even presented some of the work we’ve done in our current project.We made it back safely late Wednesday night and were beyond tired. In addition to being at the conference, we had to keep things running back in Southlake, which meant very long days on top of the already packed conference schedule. I ended up sleeping through my alarm Thursday morning which was actually really nice. Hey, if you’re going to be late for work, you might as well be more rested!

This weekend we had a fun party with Annie, David, and Ethan. We debated which toxin was top (botulinum won), played Wii Sports, and enjoyed some tasty food. Today, Angela and I worked in the yard, finally cleaning up some old flowers that kept rising from the dead. We replaced them with some blue and purple ones, and I’m sure Angela has covered this better than me over at her blog.

We wanted to finish the evening up at our favorite local bar, Dublin Square (aka Beef O’Brady’s), but we were shocked to find that it had abruptly closed down! Vendor invoices were taped to the door, someone had hastily scratched the name from the sign, and everything inside was still intact. Tragedy ensued. We managed to pick up the pieces of our lives and head down the road to a just-as-tasty place (Chapps, for references), but we (a) cannot walk there and (b) it doesn’t serve alcohol. Sigh.

Angela and I decided to end the evening listening to the Thoroughly Modern Millie original cast recording. When I was at Starlight we opened the National Tour. I love that show! We also worked on blogging and watching America’s Most Smartest Model.

If anyone has tickets to this Friday’s New Pornographers/Spoon show, call me. I’m the only one in my group that actually got tickets early so I’m flying solo.

Don’t You Evah Threesixtywii?

It was bound to occur again. 360 #2 bit the dust while trying to play what evidently is the most taxing task for the console – watching a DVD. Poor Big Labowski, you had to be watched through my Powerbook’s DVI port.

Missing 360

It really was a week of things breaking. After my 360 bit the dust, my router’s LAN ports all died. WLAN was fine, but anything wired was dead. After many calls back and forth to Fios Support (who never can figure out how to look my account up since I don’t have local phone service) they finally decided that I wasn’t a moron and drop-shipped me a new router. Woohoo.

Microsoft was also helpful after running through the entire script of questions, and Wednesday night my empty RTM box showed up, awaiting my lousy 360. Thursday I dropped it off at the UPS store in Southlake, which just so happens to be next to a GameStop. I had some money left on the gift card from Griff and decided to pick up Brain Age 2 for Angela. Right. Angela.

The guy at the counter isn’t the most knowledgeable man, but he loves to talk about games. Especially on my lunch break. I casually asked if he had any Wiis in, since I knew he had a decent supply of used consoles that get picked up within an hour of being dropped off. HE DID! And, what was better, he had a brand new Wii waiting for me. After careful deliberation while pulling my card out of my wallet, I purchased a Wii for Angela and I.

I love the Wii. I love the Wii like I loved playing NES for the first time at Greg Sorrell’s house. I love the controller, I love Wii Sports. I love the fact that Angela plays it. I don’t know how much staying power it has, but I’m excited for what the future brings in game releases.

I have a brand new copy of Bioshock sitting sadly in its shrinkwrap, waiting for my 3rd 360 to wander home. Hopefully it finds its way soon.

Unrelated to gaming, the new Spoon video, Don’t You Evah, is awesome.