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Where’s my soldering iron?

Well, we learned some more about our puppy!

  1. She’s not 6mo, she’s at least 1.5 years old (!!!)
  2. She definitely has a stage 5 heart murmur, but considering her age, she’s extremely healthy
  3. She loves my Powerbook

Well, my power adapter for my Powerbook, that is. Saturday night, about 20 minutes before Angela’s work buddies were coming over, Jabber decided to take a good chomp out of my AC adapter. Luckily she did it on the DC side, so she wasn’t shocked at all. Given that I use my laptop, and that I had some debugging running on it, I realized that I needed to get my adapter fixed quickly. Thankfully it was a quick solder and e-tape and I was done. Too bad I don’t have any heatshrink sitting around – could have made it look a bit nicer than my purple e-tape. Oh well.

Angela’s friends came over and we gathered up to grab some dinner at Joe’s (italian place here in Keller) and catch Stranger than Fiction. I liked it. I’ve seen some pretty steep criticism from people who think it’s a badly-done “Being John Malkovich” but I didn’t see it that way at all. To me, it knew it wasn’t an art-house flick – and it never tried to be. It was funny, it was thoughtful, and it was well shot. I do wish that we got to dig a bit more into the relationships, though. What could have been more involved backstory ended up being fairly surface, especially between Ferrell and Hoffman. I don’t know if it was written this way, but I found it hilarious that Hoffman is questioning Ferrell’s character about being slightly OCD. Wasn’t sure if this was an intended homage to Rainman.

Other than that, the weekend was nice and peaceful, and turkey day is almost here.