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Spoon + New Pornographers

Caught the Spoon/New Pornographers show Friday night at HOB. I really don’t like this venue overall, but the gear was good so I couldn’t complain about the sound. It’s just very boxy and the balcony overhang comes out too close to the stage. Didn’t affect me, somehow I managed to work my way to the front center.

Emma Pollock opened and she was amazing. Her singing powered through and it was a great start to the already delayed evening.
New Pornographers were all together, which I hear is a rarity considering the number of miscellaneous solo careers within the band. They put on an awesome show, and I loved the superband quality to the performance as various members came in to solo than rotated back to support.

Spoon finally made it on and the energy they brought was incredible. I was also happy to hear them play “The Ghost of You Lingers” as most people seemed to dismiss this track on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, but I love it. Hearing it live was both eerie and powerful.