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Air rumors were correct!

MacBook AirWant. Badly. This is the replacement laptop for my old, aging 12″ Powerbook. Now I just need some cash :).I’m amazed with the thinness of it. It’s really too bad the SSD option doubles the price of the laptop. $1799 is a bit hefty to begin with, and I want my home theatre setup first.Either way, it was a pretty interesting start to MacWorld. I found it funny that Twitter immediately died at the start of the keynote. AppleTV looks a bit more like a real product, and iTMS finally has HD video.Today is Angela‘s birthday! WooHoo! Happy Birthday, Angela! We celebrated with friends last weekend and tonight we’re going out for dinner. I’ve tried to keep her from opening her packages early and I think I was moderately successful. We’ll see.Okay, back to work for me.