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Spooky sync

I’m sitting here at 7:45, still in the office, waiting for an implementation to finish. It’s largely moving data from a legacy system (that we’re sunsetting) to our new system, so as the progress bar of my synchronization gets closer to 100% I get more excited, only to validate the data and then start the next part of the sync.

Last time I checked it was in fact Halloween. What really sucks is that the pumpkins I worked so hard on are sitting, unlit, on our front porch. Angela says she left some candy outside – last year we had a total of 5 trick-or-treaters so I doubt there will be a mad rush this year.

I got home late last night as well and only had time to say ‘Hi’ to the puppy before Angela came home off her evening shift. Monday, however, I got home and watched this week’s ep of Top Gear. Brilliant ep, and I died laughing when Jeromy said ‘I bet you’d get a lot of badge’ during his Lambo ‘b for v’ section. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Okay, I’m at 100%, time to doubleclick like a madman!!!!!!