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The past two weekends have been jam-packed with excitement.

Two weeks back, we went up to KC for Cathy’s graduation, Mom Chao’s birthday, and to catch up with the gang.  Angela, of course, documented the whole occasion in a timely manner, so I’ll spare you the play-by-play.  However, I had a great time with Katie, CC, Scott, and Shernuk.  I love how, no matter the time that has passed, we can fall right back into old times.

Scott, Andy and I watched Iron Man and I was happily surprised at how fun it was.

Last weekend, Brandon came in town to (hopefully) get some much needed relaxation in.  We ate out at BLT Steak Friday night.  It was decent, but the flavors were a bit too raw for me.  With that said, they had amazing gruyere popovers.

Saturday was shopping and a BBQ where we got a chance to meet Eric’s fun girlfriend, Brittany, as well as meet up with David and Anni.  I made ridiculously large burgers.  I believe some even referred to them as “hockey pucks”.  Either way, no complaints, and no food poisoning.  Angela made her mom’s potato salad (tasty!) and a fruit salad.

Sunday, we met back up with David and Anni for lunch at Central Market (note to self, we frequent CM way too much for lunches, but it’s so good!).  We then split up, guys and girls, with Anni and Angela off to shop for clothes while Brandon, David, and I went to Modia for my home theatre gear.

After getting lucky on some prices, I was able to get the exact set I wanted.  I ended up with the Rotel RSX-1057 paired with 2 B&W 685’s.  They sound amazing, especially considering that I only had the built-in speakers in my TV to compare to!  It still pains me that I spent that much on speaker cable, though.

This week will wrap up my 4 weeks of 4-day-weeks, and I’m certainly going to miss it.  Angela and I don’t have any time off planned until July, and work is looking to be very hectic over the next month, so I’ll be sure to use my new speakers for some relaxing music.

This weekend, Angela and I are planning on seeing the Sunday Concert in the Garden, and I suppose I should finally mow the yard.

Chilly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is usually fairly dead around the office and this year was no exception.  I was fortunate enough to get Thursday and Friday off, unlike Angela who has been keeping people well-medicated over the holiday.Thursday I got up and started work on my first foray into holiday cooking – smoking a turkey.  I don’t have a smoker, but my grill does have an adjustable charcoal tray and a firedoor.  We also picked up some applewood chips that I soaked overnight.  While I was prepping the weather turned from sunny to miserable in the course of about an hour.  We even got snow!  (Briefly!  (Which immediately melted due to the fact that  it was 70 earlier in the week!))Dinner went very well; nobody got sick and Jabber greatly enjoyed the turkey.  Later in the afternoon Angela and I put up our tree and did some minor decoration indoors while a completely superfluous fire burned in the background.Friday I forced myself outside to put up the outside lights and garlands because the weather was decent and forecasted to get nasty this weekend.  I felt so bad for my neighbor, though.  He has the distinct disadvantage of having a two-story house with a very high peak on it.  He’s about as tall as me (if not a bit shorter) and actually rappels down his roof.  His wife and him spent the better part of the day hanging lights, while I simply strolled out, climbed up onto the roof, and finished my lights in about 1.5 hours.  I felt guilty.Eric and I went out for a couple drinks at Southlake Tavern, an okay choice considering that neither of us wanted to drive downtown.  It was good to catch up as we’ve both been so busy recently.Today was generally lazy for me as Angela worked this morning.  I watched old eps of Top Gear, played the incredibly short Orange Box demo on 360, and caught up on Forza 2.  This evening we met up with David and Anni for a belated birthday dinner and it was great to see them.  The rest of the evening has largely been me being lazy while Angela fevorishly wraps packages.  I’ve become extremely talented at holding ribbon down while multitasking.Well, it appears we are out of tape, time to hunt for some more!