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Pisco Sours, Bull Fights, and Skulls

As Angela has been posting, we’re currently in Peru with my MBA trip.

Right now, we’re staying in Lima doing company and cultural visits.  It’s really been an excellent experience getting to see in more detail both large and small firms across the city.  Our hosts have been extremely accommodating and informative, and the food has been fantastic!

On Monday, we made a trek out to visit the Plaza de Toros de Acho – the oldest bull fighting ring in Peru.  Good news, the last matador death was back in the 1920’s, so go ahead and change careers now.  I’ll wait.

Honestly, it was cool to see, but I have zero interest in bull fighting.  What was interesting is this:

Prostitute Tower

During the 1800’s, it wasn’t exactly proper to take your prostitute to the big bull fight, but you also didn’t want to be rude and leave her wandering the exterior of the ring.  So, this tower was made so the prostitutes could still watch the fight without being seen in the main public spaces.  Go, Spain.

After that, we headed off to Plaza Bolivar where the Congress and other governmental buildings are located.  It was a nice open space with a huge fountain in the middle, surrounded by the Legislative Palace.  Interesting tidbit that no one expected: this was also the location most of the Inquisition tribunals.

Legislative Palace
Plaza Bolivar
San Francisco Monastery

We finished the day up at the San Francisco Monastery and Catacombs.  This church was quite beautiful, but no photos were allowed inside or within the catacombs.  At least I was able to get a few good shots of the exterior while dodging the massive amount of pigeons that dominate the square.  Fun fact: Chinese immigrants in the 1850’s were brought in for, among other things, working the guano caves for export to England.  So there’s that.

We wrapped up the night with way too many pisco sours and some native dance at a somewhat touristy restaurant.  Highlights were a guy dressed up as an Incan king, and a the bird costume.  I’m sure there’s important symbolism behind it, but it’s a dude in a bird costume flying around the restaurant in front of a buffet.  It ended with a bunch of the MBAs getting pulled up on stage for a group dance.  Thankfully, I wasn’t picked, but I got the most embarrassing important parts onto youtube.

The remaining photos are all on the Gallery.

Incan King
Pisco Sour

Time to Breathe

The past month has been so hectic that I’ve neglected this blog.  Angela has been keeping things documented so well over on her site that I haven’t been pressured into posting.

Last month we took a short but exciting trip to LA to see friends and family.  Angela’s relatives recently moved there and it was really great to see them.  We hadn’t really had time to see them since our trip to Taiwan in 2004.

Since then I have been busy at work, and so has Angela.  Jabber is as goofy as ever.

I picked up work on a new project in my free time, eXPlainPMT.  We use the tool internally at work, and it’s giving me a good codebase to play with Rails again.  In fact, I just put up a demo environment for people to explore on.

After getting frustrated with not having proper inputs in my car for my iPod, I finally replaced my stock deck with a new Pioneer.  It sounds good and has a dedicated USB input that actually handles my 13000+ song library on my iPod very well.  It does, however, rely too much on the remote for navigation, so I’m not looking forward to the inevitable day that I lose it.

In the garage, we finally cleaned out our old crap left over from the move in 2006 and I put some shelving up.  I think we gained a good 2′ of extra garage space on each side.

Inside the house, I got around to painting the kitchen nook.  It looks much nicer now, and since the paint has set in it no longer looks like the old Kraft Mac and Cheese nuclear waste orange.  I quite enjoy it.

I’m rambling, I know, but it’s been so long.  Last weekend we had everyone over for the KU-UNC game, and it was a great win for the Jayhawks.  On Monday I met up with Ethan, Donald, and Jeromy to watch the championship.  Amazing game, and I’m still in shock over Mario’s last second 3.

Alright, it’s time to actually get some work done.

Conference Fun

If you’re wondering why it’s been so long since my last post, I blame work. We are just a couple weeks outside the end of the 2 year project I’m on and we’re tying up all the loose ends, finishing our testing, and making sure our customers are on board.

Last week we sneaked away to our vendor’s annual conference. This year it was in Orlando, and it was my first year to go. After some flight antics which I won’t bore you with we made it into Orlando and checked into our hotel, the Swan in Disney World.

The conference itself was a blast and we got to work directly with the vendor on many topics. I even presented some of the work we’ve done in our current project.We made it back safely late Wednesday night and were beyond tired. In addition to being at the conference, we had to keep things running back in Southlake, which meant very long days on top of the already packed conference schedule. I ended up sleeping through my alarm Thursday morning which was actually really nice. Hey, if you’re going to be late for work, you might as well be more rested!

This weekend we had a fun party with Annie, David, and Ethan. We debated which toxin was top (botulinum won), played Wii Sports, and enjoyed some tasty food. Today, Angela and I worked in the yard, finally cleaning up some old flowers that kept rising from the dead. We replaced them with some blue and purple ones, and I’m sure Angela has covered this better than me over at her blog.

We wanted to finish the evening up at our favorite local bar, Dublin Square (aka Beef O’Brady’s), but we were shocked to find that it had abruptly closed down! Vendor invoices were taped to the door, someone had hastily scratched the name from the sign, and everything inside was still intact. Tragedy ensued. We managed to pick up the pieces of our lives and head down the road to a just-as-tasty place (Chapps, for references), but we (a) cannot walk there and (b) it doesn’t serve alcohol. Sigh.

Angela and I decided to end the evening listening to the Thoroughly Modern Millie original cast recording. When I was at Starlight we opened the National Tour. I love that show! We also worked on blogging and watching America’s Most Smartest Model.

If anyone has tickets to this Friday’s New Pornographers/Spoon show, call me. I’m the only one in my group that actually got tickets early so I’m flying solo.

Weekend fun

Hello all!

I’ve been twittering rather than posting and now it’s time to come back to the fold.

Two weekends back, Kat and Josh came up for a wonderful visit. They had planned on spending the majority of the weekend with Kat’s sister, Sarah, and Kat’s new baby cousin, Brandon. However, Brandon got a bit of a fever which meant we could steal some more time with the two of them. We had a fun time and caught “Knocked Up” which was freaking hilarious. Highly recommended for those of us who like their romantic comedies chopped up and fried with jokes about reproductive organs. I haven’t laughed that much at something other than myself in a long time. I just wish Angela didn’t have to work as much that weekend!

Last weekend, we made the trek down to Austin to see my folks. Cathy didn’t have much holding her in Houston, so she headed up, as well. Dad made brisket, the puppies played, and everyone had a great time.

We saw Pirates on Saturday night and I have to say it was much better than Dead Man’s Chest. I heard a bunch of grumbling online about At World’s End, but I loved it. The thing with these movies is that you have to take a complete departure from analyzation. You cannot infer anything extra into the movie. It is completely to be taken at face value. The minute you try and dig into why something is happening, you might as well be looking for philosophy in Pod People.

Alright, that’s all for now.  I’ll update soon about WWDC.