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3 (or 4) day weekend

Lately, Angela and I have been toying around with the idea of going back to school.  It seems like a good time to do it, but it leads to more questions than we have time to answer – namely, what to get our masters in, and where to do it.

We don’t have any intention of moving or changing our work situations, which unfortunately severely limits what programs we can take part in.

At work, we got to skip out have an offsite meeting Friday with a vendor at Tour 18.  Very nice course, even though I had some healthy challenges getting a small white ball to travel not only in the right direction but with the right distance.

Cathy came down to join us Saturday, and she’ll be here for just about 2 weeks.  It’s always fun having her around.  We went out that evening, and had Ethan and Donald over to our place Sunday night for games and adult beverages.  Angela, of course, documented the whole affair.

New MacBook and the old PowerBook
New MacBook and the old PowerBook

I also was a lucky boy and got a new laptop to replace my aging and very broken 12″ Powerbook.  Apple has a back to school special going on so we decided on a new white MacBook.  Nothing fancy, but it’s such a nice change over the Powerbook.  Just the fact that the battery works (and works well) is a huge improvement, let alone the zippiness.  And just in case anyone is wondering, yes, of course this is a “family” laptop.  Why, Angela even has her own account on it (although she has yet to touch it).

Today was a successful exercise in relaxation.  Not so much for those folks in LA with Gustav bearing down.  Looks like we might see some rain later in the week, but nothing like what New Orleans saw.  My Dad pointed me to Storm Pulse, a very functional storm tracking page with a clean UI.

This week promises to be hectic as we’re doing some transition activities in the team as well as coming up on some major deadlines for deciding the direction of one of the projects I’m on.  Angela gets to go back to a “normal” 8-hour day week AND she gets Friday off.  Hope she manages to survive!