My name is Andy Trommer. If you google Trommer, you will end up with many sites apparently about Danish drummers. Sadly, I am not Danish nor a drummer. However, you will eventually find www.trommer.com. Somehow, these crazy German guys are related to me. Makes you proud, eh?

I graduated from The University of North Texas in May, 2005, with a degree in Business Computer Information Systems, which is the long way of saying that I spend way too much time with computers. I work for Sabre Holdings as a Systems Analyst, I’m married to an awesome girl, and we are lucky enough to borrow time in our dog’s home. Things are pretty good right now.

In my copious free time I try to keep up my pet programming projects, including eXPlainPMT, my Employee Scheduling System, as well as keep up on my other passion, sound engineering live theatre.

I also like backpacking, photography, and really anything tech-related. I’m a huge proponent of open source, and to prove that I’m also a hypocrite, I spend too much money on Apple hardware.