Pisco Sours, Bull Fights, and Skulls

As Angela has been posting, we’re currently in Peru with my MBA trip.

Right now, we’re staying in Lima doing company and cultural visits.  It’s really been an excellent experience getting to see in more detail both large and small firms across the city.  Our hosts have been extremely accommodating and informative, and the food has been fantastic!

On Monday, we made a trek out to visit the Plaza de Toros de Acho – the oldest bull fighting ring in Peru.  Good news, the last matador death was back in the 1920’s, so go ahead and change careers now.  I’ll wait.

Honestly, it was cool to see, but I have zero interest in bull fighting.  What was interesting is this:

Prostitute Tower

During the 1800’s, it wasn’t exactly proper to take your prostitute to the big bull fight, but you also didn’t want to be rude and leave her wandering the exterior of the ring.  So, this tower was made so the prostitutes could still watch the fight without being seen in the main public spaces.  Go, Spain.

After that, we headed off to Plaza Bolivar where the Congress and other governmental buildings are located.  It was a nice open space with a huge fountain in the middle, surrounded by the Legislative Palace.  Interesting tidbit that no one expected: this was also the location most of the Inquisition tribunals.

Legislative Palace
Plaza Bolivar
San Francisco Monastery

We finished the day up at the San Francisco Monastery and Catacombs.  This church was quite beautiful, but no photos were allowed inside or within the catacombs.  At least I was able to get a few good shots of the exterior while dodging the massive amount of pigeons that dominate the square.  Fun fact: Chinese immigrants in the 1850’s were brought in for, among other things, working the guano caves for export to England.  So there’s that.

We wrapped up the night with way too many pisco sours and some native dance at a somewhat touristy restaurant.  Highlights were a guy dressed up as an Incan king, and a the bird costume.  I’m sure there’s important symbolism behind it, but it’s a dude in a bird costume flying around the restaurant in front of a buffet.  It ended with a bunch of the MBAs getting pulled up on stage for a group dance.  Thankfully, I wasn’t picked, but I got the most embarrassing important parts onto youtube.

The remaining photos are all on the Gallery.

Incan King
Pisco Sour