The Journey to All Grain Brewing

After cutting our teeth on several extract and mini-mash brews, we decided to take the plunge into all-grain brewing.

What the heck does that mean?

When you brew beer, you need four things: grains, water, yeast, and hops.  Up until the late 1500’s, they didn’t even have hops, so they threw in whatever they came across to spice up their beer.

Extract and mini-mash are the two easiest ways to brew.  In both cases, the hard work of turning the grains into fermentable sugars is already done for you at a factory.  This makes things quick and fairly consistent, but it doesn’t let you really experiment.

We decided that the best way to grow in our brewing would be to step up our gear and our skill.

Our Equipment

  • New 40 qt stockpot to handle the extra volume
  • A mash tun fashioned from a Rubbermaid water cooler, mesh tubing, and way too many plumbing parts
  • Propane tank and burner to bring the wort up to boil quicker (and move outside so Angela isn’t boiled out of the house!)
Used a turkey fryer burner and a new 40qt stew pot
Rubbermaid 10gal cooler converted into our mash tun. Close up of our manifold (which filters out the grain)

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