Coffee and Beer

I love coffee just as much as I love beer.  Combine the two, and I can’t help but love it more.

You can sleep when you're dead!

After a night tasting Real Ale’s Coffee Porter at Ginger Man, Rick, Ethan and I decided we had to give it a go on our own.  We found a recipe online for an Espresso Imperial Stout and started brewing…  Lots of coffee.  1.5 gallons of coffee, to be exact!  With a 12 cup coffee maker, that’s almost 3 pots of coffee!

The results: pretty tasty! We finished brewing back in early November, and the flavor is really starting to come out of it now.

Hops, the little flowers that help make beer so tasty

After weeks of not-so-subtle hints, Rick convinced Ethan and I to do an IPA next.  While the overall process was similar, the dry-hopping stage was a fun addition.  The conditioning is far longer than the other beers we did, and it’s just now to the drinking phase.  In the past, I haven’t been an IPA fan – it gave me headaches and I didn’t enjoy the extra hoppiness.  However, after acclimating ourselves with some very tasty IPAs prior to trying ours, I’m a convert!

During beer nights, we’ve also started the tradition of playing Settlers and having beer tastings.  Angela and Brittany avoid our craziness by watching Doctor Who (which is an amazing show, by the way!).

I’ll be starting a new series of postings where I write about our beer night tastings (what?!? Andy is going to post on a regular basis again?)  I also added a new page for our Brewing Log so you can see what beers are coming up.