Jumping into Brewing

I love beer.  That’s really the only motivating factor to this endeavor.

My friends Dave and Kent have been homebrewing for years, but I have only been talking about it and enjoying their tasty brews.  Last weekend, Ethan and Rick finally kicked my butt into gear and we actually acted on one of the many crazy schemes we’ve concocted.

The Supplies

Saturday was shopping day.  We went to Fort Worth Homebrew, on the east side of Fort Worth.  It’s a fun, family-run establishment, and the folks there are very helpful.  We even got to sample some of their homebrews (the smoked beer was delicious!).  After stocking up on a mid-sized brewing kit, we selected a recipe for Belgium Pale Ale.  We opted for the malt extract since it’s our first time.  After this, we patted ourselves on the backs and capped the afternoon off by watching District 9 – an excellent film full of most of the Half-life 2 weapons.

Brew Day

We met up Monday night to start brewing.  Suffice it to say, it was a very easy process.  After hearing lots of warnings, we decided to overly sterilize everything.  Since I was with Ethan and Rick, but bio-sciences guys, we stuck to the protocol, erm.. recipe to the very last detail.  In fact, our specific gravity was only 1/1000th off from the baseline.

Below are the images from the brewing.  You can see the full gallery here.

The supplies
The fermentation bucket
Boiling the wort
Cooling it back down
Adding the yeast

The Result?

We aren’t sure yet!  We’re transferring over to the carboy next Monday for the 2nd fermentation, and then over to bottles a week after that.  Finally, we’ll let it age for three weeks before we get to see how we did.

However, we at least know it’s bubbling away in the bucket right now!