Stormy Consolidation

I’ve largely abandoned my blog over the past six months, but I haven’t neglected twitter, so I don’t feel too terrible.

With that said, I found something cool I wanted to share.

The new Palm pre has a cool feature that aggregates all of your online profiles into one mobile view, agnostic of where it really came from.  I found a way to create a similar experience on my Blackberry Storm that worked out quite well.

The glue to all of this is Google Sync.  My Storm is connected to our work Exchange server, so I get all of my email, contacts, and calendar entries from work instantly on my phone.

However, I also have all my non-work contacts in Gmail, and I use Google Calendar a ton to keep track of non-work events.  Using Google Sync, I now have all of my work and personal contacts merged on my phone.  I also get a combined view of my calendar.

The icing on the cake comes from the new Facebook app for Blackberry.  Although, I really don’t like the new 1.6 version.  The 1.5 version syncs my FB contacts with contacts I already have.  It also syncs their profile photo over for instant picture caller ID, and creates a new Birthday calendar.

Other than fiddling with my phone, I’ve been working on our intranet and document management project to migrate to SharePoint.  I’ll post some more on this as we get a bit closer to release.