Three Days of Birthday

Angela really overdid it.  Honestly.  In the end, I’ve had a wonderful three days of being spoiled.

On Thursday night, Erin dropped by on her trek to KC.  This led to some good Isis/Jabber time and also let Erin and I catch up over some tasty BBQ.  She also introduced me to a fun new game called Alhambra.  Good times, although I must say that I enjoy Settlers better.

On Friday, Angela treated me to baseball, beer, brats, and blowing things up, all in the same event!  We went to a Fort Worth Cats minor league game.  Their logo, no kidding, is FTW, and boy did they, 9-3.  We even made friends with a completely wasted old man with a net loss of teeth.  It’s always fun to carry on conversations with people who might as well have a mouthful of marbles.  I like it because I can invent in my head whatever I want them to say and the conversation carries on just about the same.

I was really surprised on Saturday.  Angela took me out to get a massage which nearly put me to sleep the rest of the afternoon.  Thankfully I came to, because after that we went to Truluck for an amazing dinner.  I had the sesame tuna this time and Angela tried the mahi-mahi.  Both were fantastic.  We finished the night watching Wall*E.  I found it very cute and incredibly human, which is funny considering it’s a movie about two robots on Earth with only a couple lines of dialog between them.

Today, my actual birthday, I largely spent in bed being lazy.  This evening, after some grocery shopping (and cake-buying!!) we met up with Griff and Courtney to watch Wanted at Movie Tavern.  I really enjoyed the film, and it was a great end to the weekend.  

Sadly we all head back to work tomorrow.  Thankfully, Angela and I will be meeting up with my folks in two weeks to spend a short 3 day vacation on the coast.  Time to start looking forward to that.