WWDC Keynote

Well, I watched Gizmodo’s live blog of the keynote (bad video available here) and overall I wasn’t too impressed. I don’t know, I figured there would be a much bigger revelation than Safari on Windows and the new Dock. Everything else was old hat. I can’t always get QuickLook to work correctly in iTunes, so I’m a bit hesitant for it in Finder, but the demo looked cool. I guess the most surprising thing was how overly hyped the iPhone was, and then Apple said it wasn’t going to allow 3P developers, and then last month they finally said that they would, only to find out that all they are offering is this Brand New Concept(tm) called Web Apps! Oh Apple, you really are leading the industry! What will you think of next? User-replaceable batteries?

So yes, that was a let down. But, on the plus side, VMWare released their new beta today of Fusion. It’s amazing (for it not being X) and the Unity feature really does work well. I put together a screenshot that makes me feel very dirty: I feel dirty

Anyway, I checked out Safari on XP and I could never get it to get past our corporate firewall. After I would authenticate, Safari would die. Interal sites worked fine, so it was partially fun filled.

As for the rest of the night, I have some cleaning up to do and then some Forza2 (just the demo because I’m cheap). Yeah, that sounds alright to me.