After finally doing some WP maintenance, Angela, Cathy, Mrs. Chao, Jabber and I hit the road for Houston. We battled the rain the whole way there and only had a few short breaks of slightly less rain. Cathy moved in just fine to her summer digs and then Jordan met up with us for a tour of the Westheimer area, the layout of his office, and cajun for dinner.

Jabber did alright but was clearly confused by the whole event. She didn’t want us to leave and showed her first round of seperation anxiety since we got her.

After dinner, Jord and I headed back over to his Dad’s house for some 360 goodness. H3 beta all the way. I really wish I had an invite – that way I might not suck at it as much. Either way, we woke up to more rainy fun.

After lunch was eaten and Cathy was all set we hit the road for DFW, except this time we got to experience the famous Houston traffic the whole 40 miles out of the city. After that, torrential downpour the entire drive home. This evening, though, we were given a break in the weather and had a beautiful sunset to walk the puppy in.

Now, this weekend wasn’t without casulties. Angela managed to pick up another fun cough that she’s (hopefully!) going to be over tomorrow. Good luck with that, honey! As for me, since I cannot fathom going to bed before midnight, I’m continuing on by quest to rip all of my CDs. I started this task years ago and gave up, but for whatever reason I suddenly felt like picking it back up after listening to all of my old Napster/Hotline/AudioGalaxy-era bad music downloads from 2000.

Next weekend, Cat and Josh come in town to see the new baby and say hi to us. I guess I can rest easy knowing the weekend is four short days away.