Unexpected Freedom

Angela and I have lived together for going on two years now, and have been married for almost nine months. In that time, we have only spent a couple days apart. Recently, her schedule has been flip flopped so her weekends are Monday and Tuesday. That gave me all sorts of random free time. Time to… redo the brick out front! Oh how times have changed!
Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and signed up for my twitter account. I’ve been watching this for about 6 months now and never really bought into it. It’s the “who cares” of reading people’s blogs with IM’s lack of content. Except that I do care about blogs, and I can’t survive a day without IM. I’m looking into cool things I can do with the API (like triggering a tweet when my door contacts are broken), but other than that, I’m thinking I might update a short message more often than a whole post. Who knows. Either way, check it out, you might enjoy it. That, or the banality of my normal life will drive you mad. Have fun!