Off to China

Well, I’ve been negligent as usual in the maintenance of my blog. A couple weeks back I headed off to Houston to visit Jordan, see his place, and take in a ‘Stros game. The drive there was horrible as the storms never let up. This spring has been full of odd weather phenomena.

Houston was a lot of fun, even though the beer at the park was about $7 (boo). Oh yeah, and a guy proposed there. At a preseason game. Against the Royals. Sad. I REALLY hope his fiance enjoys baseball.

More recently, we had a freezing Easter weekend, complete with snow. I’m not a religous man, but when we have snow in April I begin prepping for frogs.

This weekend, we made the trek down to Georgetown to drop off (very sad) our puppy since I doubt our tour will enjoy out energetic puppy tossing her toys up and down the aisles of the plane at 35,000’. I should explain something first.

On Friday I worked from home (WFH in acronym parlance) in the afternoon to get the puppy groomed. Around 5p, as I was typing up a BRD, I noticed that it was dark outside. Very dark. And then, the sirens came on. Evidently, I was in the path of a potential tornado. Now, in case most of you don’t know me very well, this was awesome. Yeah yeah, death and destruction of property. But they were predicting tennis ball size hail! This was great!

So, I put on the never-watched-except-for-bad-weather local news. We have local news in HD, we even have CW local news. They all suck. Especially with bad weather. Oh well, until NWS dishes out 5 minute radar, I’m stuck with the TV. They said the cell had split in two and one was heading right down my street, the other was about 1.5 miles south. Thankfully, or unfortunatly, the one south of us produced the tornado. We got large hail, lots of rain, and a confused dog. Angela, who was at the doctors office about a mile east of the house, got nothing. Zero. I live in a house where it often rains in the front yard but not in the back. We must be on top of an indian burial ground. It would explain the good price we got for the house. And the chanting at night. And the arrowhead I found on my pillow….

Anyway, back to Georgetown.

We drove down through awful weather and finally made it in. We had a great time with the family, ate some terriffic smoked chicken thanks to Dad, and headed off in the evening puppy-less. Last night was very quiet, and this morning was odd not having the crazy mutt scampering around.

Right now we just realized that it’s almost 4, and our flight for LAX leaves at 6:45, so we should probably get going. I’ll be taking an ungodly amount of photos (see the Taiwan pics for examples) and we’ll be arriving back in DFW next Tuesday at 5:30a.

Talk to you all in a week!