KISS ME, I’M sure that my indistinct european heritage makes me at least partially IRISH!!!!

Happy St. Paddy’s day, all. Today we celebrate a saint who drunkenly ran snakes out of Ireland. Some would argue that Ireland had no snakes at that time, and others would question why people aren’t just drinking more.Much has happened since my last post (Nov, ’06). I’m not even going to pretend that I’ll keep this blog updated correctly.

A couple weeks back, Dave and Mary made an excellent trip down to DFW to visit. We had German food, bbqd, and had an otherwise brilliant time.

The week after that, my folks came up from Georgetown. Dad and I built a workbench for the garage. Since Dad designed it, I’m fairly certain it could support several tons.

Since then, Angela and I have been dilligently working on our yard.  We have planted flowers, put down fresh mulch, and are even about to plan a tree and some bushes in the back yard.  Sorry, Jabber, your territory is in jeopardy.

Angela and I, as well as Miss Ashley Smith, are heading out for a tour of China in April.  We’ll keep everyone posted, I’ll actually keep a log so I can post, and of course, many many photos.  We are so so excited.

That’s all for now.  If you want more frequent updates, check Angela’s blog.  If you want (maybe) quarterly snippets, well, that’s about all I seem to be able to get out these days.