Burqa Banning

I ran across a shocking article today and I can’t really begin to describe my frustrations. Before going too far into it, take a look at these highly contradictory comments by Dutch Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk:

“The Cabinet finds it undesirable that face-covering clothing – including the burqa – is worn in public places for reasons of public order, security and protection of citizens.”

“It is very important that we can see each other and can communicate with each other. Because we are so tolerant we want to respect each other.”

Now, I am admittedly quite liberal. I have read many articles from expatriates who go on and on about how “forward-thinking” The Netherlands are in all subjects. From their liberal social policies, their belief in strong public services, and their high quality of life, it’s hard not to agree with them. On occasions like this, though, it seems like they’ve taken a giant step backwards.  It’s appalling that their drug freedoms do not match their religious freedoms.

They claim to be protecting an open society.  The fact that they would try and group women’s rights into this is absurd.  Do I personally believe that extremist Islam restricts women’s rights?  Of course, but then again, taking any major religion to the extreme can lead to this.

But this has nothing to do with communication, women’s rights, or the flying spaghetti monster.  This is a war against immigration, taken to a new extreme.  Why would a Muslim family want to immigrate to a country where their own citizens cannot even express their religious freedoms?  Is the yarmulke next?  Necklace crosses?  Who else do the dutch not want in?