Mutiny Afoot!

Friends, family: I come to you under grave circumstances.  It appears that those whom I’ve trusted as true friends have mounted an attack on this very forum.  Admittedly, there has been no new content since…oh, the week before the wedding.  Some of you more scholarly folks might note that the wedding was, indeed, over a month ago.  Others might also go further in stating that, of all events to blog about, the latest Weird Al CD should probably at least be sunset by the wedding, the honeymoon, and the new puppy.

I’ve heard your cries and your comparisons to my better half.  I understand your frustration.  More importantly, without this blog, I have no idea what is going on in my life and often have to refer back to Angela’s page just to recall the previous week.

With that said, and to keep those who wish to burn down this site (an ironic twist considering that it also hosts Angela’s) at bey, I am committing to you that, at the very least, major life events will be documented over commentary on quirky parody musicians.