Quarterly Update

Wow, this is getting sad.  I’m, evidently, very bad at updating this blog.  Much fun has occured since my last post.

Scotty Mo came down and we had a blast.  It was great to see him and blow off some packing stress by playing large amounts of 360.  We also ventured out to a Rangers/Yankees game (Rangers lost the game and the series).  The Ballpark at Arlington (aka, Ameriquest Field (bad name change!)) is beautiful and everyone (hint hint, Robbie) should make a point of visiting it.

After that, we had mass packing and our house closing, followed up with the move.  Let’s sum it up by saying that, if given the chance, NEVER move in the summer in Texas.  100+F isn’t fun to drive in, let alone work in.

Jordan and I went to U-Haul to pick up my truck.  We ended up with a 1985 Ford diesel beast.  The accelerator was more or less binary, and when you did accelerate, thick black smoke poured out the back.  It was awesome.

The week after move in, Angela’s parents came down to visit.  It was really a good visit, and I feel like I’m getting to know Mr. Chao much better.  They helped us restock on some chinese food, and we all loaded up on delicious sushi.

Last weekend, Angela and I flew up to KC for Dave Brown’s wedding.  It, too, was much fun.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kent, TA, Alan, and Dave.  We played a round of scramble Saturday morning…. at 7a…. and we were fortunate to have Adam on our team.  Kent and I ended up more or less destroying the golf cart.  We found a way to force it into neutral and do neutral drops, I ejected Kent from the cart while spinning around trying to pick up a ball (while driving, of course), we did sliding stops – I’ll be surprised if OP doesn’t have our photos up on a board.

The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was very well done.  Good food, lots to drink, including a beer Mrs. Thompson recommended that was very nice.

Well, that about catches things up.  I’ll do better, don’t fire me yet!!

This weekend, my parents are coming up to see the house and us (more the house) and I can’t wait to see them.  Next weekend, Kat and Josh are coming up for some Medievel Times and Six Flags.

Griff moved into his apartment tonight – I need to see how that’s going.  Also, Kareem got his Peace Corps assignment – Morocco as a small business developer.  In other words, he’s going to get the village rug makers to upsell their wares to Wal-Mart :).  Just kidding, K.

If you’re wondering where the photos are, I left my camera in KC at Blank’s place.  Sorry, Blank!

Alright, more to come…