Long time, no post

Things have been very hectic, but in a good way.  A couple weeks back, Ashley Smith came in for a visit.  It was great for Angela to have some “girl time” as I’m guessing she gets a tad bit tired of being surrounded by 4-6 game-playing guys all the time.

The house is coming along great, we have drywall up and the seams are taped, pictures to follow.  We should have brick up this week!

Wedding stuff is really getting busy, but we have our invitations now and they turned out really well.  For those of you planning on getting married, or who just like stocking up on wedding supplies “just in case”, I really suggest Costco.  Good prices, excellent quality on our invites.  We’ll be up in KC for the 1st-4th, so if anyone is going to be around, we should meet up.  I will warn, though, that most of the days will be filled with wedding meetings and the like.  Woooo for pre-marital counseling!