Baseball and Frames

I’ve had an interesting week at work. On Tuesday, we had our 1st quarter meeting in the morning, followed up by a headquarters bbq in the afternoon. The bbq was great, hundreds of people were there, and best of all, free booze.

Wednesday, as part of our BU’s team building, we went to play Putt Putt, drive go carts, and then to the Rangers/Twins game. The Rangers lost 4-3, but I’ll take a loss in the park to a day in the office anytime.

On my way home Wednesday, I stopped by the house and saw that we had a foundation put in!! I was without my camera, though.

Today, however, we drove down with Kareem, Sean, and Tina. After some lunch (bbq, saddles on the walls), we came upon our house, and we have framing!

I’ve put all the construction photos in one gallery, so check back at the link above for all the updates as they come in…