Cold and Wet

I managed to catch the early flight back on friday which saved me an hour – excellent! The downside to this was the fact that an arctic front blew in with 20F temps and freezing rain. This prevented Kat and Josh from making the drive up.
Blank’s flight made it in just fine (and freaking early) Saturday morning. We spent the day bumming around in the cold, first going to La Madeleine for breakfast, then Audio Concepts, then to the apartment. That afternoon, we hit up Fry’s and dinner at Smith & Wollensky. All in all a good day. Blank went to bed and Angela, Jord, Ben, Kareem and I jammed out on Guitar Hero until we realized that it was 3am.
Sunday we took it easy and spent the morning sleeping before going to Ikea. Angela and I picked up some magazine racks, Blank picked up some lamps and knives.
Blank and I left this morning at 6:30 (after having left-over Ikea rolls).