Rock On

Today was quite interesting. We started off the day with plans for a simple trip into Dallas for an oil change and some shopping. It ended with a 911 call, a wedding band, and some serious(ly virtual) guitar playing.

We were driving down I-35 and we saw this guy swerving all over the road – at 3pm! I called into 911 and they asked me to follow him into town, updating the dispatcher of my crossstreet, as they set up a trap with Lewisville police. As we got closer, the driver sped up to well over 90 mph. The officer pulled him over on an exit ramp and I was instructed to pull in behind the officer. As the officer stepped out of his vehicle, the driver gunned it, swerved across the exiting traffic, across the grass divider, and into 70mph cross-traffic. When he hit the pavement, he did a 360. In one of the fastest reaction times i’ve ever seen, the officer was already in his car and directly behind the driver before we even blinked. It was awesome. The dumbass driving eventually crashed out into a barricade with ~ 5 officers in pursuit.

After that craziness, we went to the Galleria and I got my wedding band. We then celebrated Valentine’s day early at The Plano Tavern and it was excellent.

We came home to find that Jordan and Eric had ran off to Best Buy to get Guitar Hero – and it freakin’ rocks. Seriously. We all stayed up till ~ 2:30a playing it without realizing how quickly the night went by.

Well, with that said, i’m off to bed. Night.