life in /dev/null

Working is an interesting thing.

Everything is focused on the mere concept of “Friday”:

  • Monday and Tuesday, people lament time till next Friday
  • Wednesday and Thursday, people only talk about how it is “almost Friday”
  • On Friday, all hell breaks loose. “How are you?” “Well, it’s Friday!” Friday becomes an emotional state just below winning the lotto

Grocery Sales are easy to recognize:

  • At noon, the latest frozen dinner sale will be evident as 10-20 people rush towards the breakroom, ready to heat the exact same meal. What will it be next week? Will it be the green of Healthy Choice or the white of Lean Cuisine? Who knows???

Email is useless:

  • In school, we only had spam to worry about. Unlike spam, company emails are hard to filter
  • I have ~ 20 Rules Wizards to do my thinking for me. Many of these simply move certain emails to the trash

This is only a small list, feel free to contribute your own additions.