What? Blog?

So yeah… Things have been crazy busy, but I guess that’s how this whole “real world” thing is suppose to be….right?
Scotty Mo came in town a couple weeks back… I posted the images at the time, however I never linked to it off the main page. I’m such a bad friend. It was great having him come in town, we caught some decent minor league baseball, went to the cow girl museum, hung out in a giant rusting piece of metal… Good times. Except for the cow girl museum. Here’s a tip: if you want to experience the fun of the museum do the following:

  1. Gather $6
  2. Buy/steal piece of blank printer paper
  3. Buy/steal crayons (colors are up to you)
  4. Draw a “cowboy/girl” costume.

That basically sums it up. Oh sure, there are exhibits, too, but all in all the coloring was the highpoint of the day.

Hmm, so….since then.. Griff (brother) has moved into Kerr Hall at UNT for his first semester, Dad has been laid off and rehired to an old job, Angela and I are about to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, and I’ll be out of town next week in Gregg County for some training (on our anniversary, sorry Angela!!).

Hope everyone is doing well!