New Car!!

Okay, so I finally got the images up from last weekend’s trip to Georgetown. It was excellent getting to spend time with the family, and we even got to head to a Round Rock Express game. While AAA ball isn’t the most glamorous, it’s still a lot of fun. However, it’s not the most, how shall I say, fast-paced game of baseball you can watch, as well as quite warm. But, we got to meet up with Kat during the game which was a nice surprise. It’s been too long since we’ve really got to hang out, so hopefully with Josh and her now living in Austin we’ll have to meet up more often.

Additionally, I got a new car! Whoo! 2005 Corolla S with some nice body mods done by the dealer. The photos I’ve posted also show some bad-ass 18’s – those don’t get to stay. They wanted around $4k for them, and since I purchased after the service dept had closed, they let me drive off with them. As you can see from the night shots, it’s a very good thing that they are swapping back to stock on the wheels. I can’t STAND those goofy LEDs in the wheels. These even strobe. Yay ghetto-ness. Anyway, I love it, it’s an excellent color, and it has some good low-end pep that makes it fun to drive. We’ll see how it runs over time. Now I just need to get my tolltag and parking sticker back in my new car.