weddings, moving, crashes, and heat

So, a lot has happened since I started my job. Angela and I have been busy every weekend since we started working, and it looks like we won’t have our first “free” weekend till the middle of July. To recap, last weekend we were in Cedar Rapids for Lucas and Cari’s wedding, will post pictures of that later. This weekend has been insanity as we moved everything haphazardly in 100F heat. It was a mess. We’re still working on getting clothes and whatnot over to the new place, but with the heat and the massive amount of stuff we had to move it is going slower than we had planned. Jordan came down for the weekend, and we got some great help from Eric.
Next weekend is Robbie’s big day, and I can’t wait to fly out there. The big downside is the fact that it’s still looking like Angela won’t be able to come with to VA. I head out on Thursday, fly back Sunday, then swap cars with Angela and head out for Wood County, TX for business. I’ll be there till Wed.
Which brings me to my point….
Angela was rear-ended last week and the girl she was in the wreck with:

  1. had expired insurance
  2. gave Angela a disconnected phone number
  3. has disappeared to mankind.

So, next week while I’m gone she’ll hopefully be getting her car fixed for the crazy price of $2500. Oh well, that’s life, I guess.
Okay, it’s way to late for me, I have to get up in a couple hours.
I promise more frequent update…..really…..

photos to come….