It’s Over!

Well, school is over! Finally.
I’ve signed with The Software Group and I start next Monday, the 23rd. I’ve posted all the photos from graduation to the newly deployed Gallery. It was nice to have everyone up to visit, it’s just too bad the whole ceremony lasted so long. It’s kind of ironic: I’ve been waiting for graduation for the last 5 years, and yet when the day came I didn’t feel excited. I was excited to have my family and Angela there for it, but the actual event itself seemed like more of a formality rather than such a momentous occasion. Oh well.
Okay, so real life begins soon… I’ve resigned here in Denton with my current roommate and Angela for a 3-bed townhome. Those photos are on their way up. I have my nifty TollTag, and I’m looking for a new car (desperately!). The Corolla LE looks nice and cheap with good gas mileage. Sorry, Brandon.