Large Black and Orange Cat

Tiger is out! I got my copy yesterday somehow, but I’m not going to complain! Basically, it rocks. Dashboard is pretty sweet, there isn’t any noticeable slowdown with the new eyecandy, quite the opposite. My PB1.33 is running faster than ever. One thing that still drives me nuts, though, is the fact that Safari still doesn’t support a whitelist on popups.
Other than that, spotlight is pretty neat, but it needs more connectors to 3rd-party documents. I don’t want to upgrade to the newest version of Omniforms just for the spotlight searching – it’s XML, spotlight should be able to handle that.
The Dashboard widgets (not my hamster) are pretty slick, but I hated that the mapping for the Phone Book pointed to mapquest. Why? Google Maps is so nice. So, I used my 1337 javascript abilities (read: searching for in the widget package) and modified it to correctly point to Phone Book, now with scrolling goodness! I’ve posted this to the site here. It’s not licensed for redistribution, so… ahem… I didn’t give it to you. Right. (insert LGPL comments here).