Well, it’s been a couple days. I’ve been studying like crazy for capstone all week, all the while completely neglecting Chinese. Well, capstone went pretty well for me, after three hours of writing. For those of you who don’t know, Capstone is our cumulative class for BCIS, and since we have to have this class to graduate, and figuring in that this exam counts for almost our entire grade for the course, concievably this exam determines whether or not we graduate. I wrote for the solid 3 hours, in pencil, in my tiny, unreadable writing, for 10 pages.
So, I worked tonight, and came home… and wrote… and wrote… and wrote some more in Chinese getting my notes together for Friday. Here are the two pages I wrote on most of the vocab. Page 1 (1mb jpg). Page 2 (1mb jpg).
I’m going to do a quick review with Angela before we both crash out.