So, I’m not going to waste a lot of time talking about the Schiavo proceedings because many people much more intelligent than I have already said what I believe much more eloquently than I. Basically, no matter what you think is right in this matter, the Federal government has zero standing to force the Federal courts to look at this case. A case, by the way, that 19 other Florida state courts have ruled in favor of her passing away with dignity.
Anyone else find it ironic that many of the Republicans last night used Thomas Jefferson’s quotes on how a government should never take a life, and these are the same politicians that favor the death penalty? Also, the great lie of R==small gov and D==big gov. Rep Barney Frank (D, Mass.) summed up the issues with this new law better than anyone.

Okay, enough of that.

I got my tickets dismissed, cause I rock like magma.
I have 102 new characters to memorize by Friday for my Chinese midterm. Speaking of random characters, check out Hanzi Smatter. This site takes submissions from people of their tattoos, cars, random clothes, that have hanzi on them and they translate them, usually much to the chagrin of the poor girl carrying around a purse supporting Communism. Anyway, whether you’re interested in Chinese or not, it’s some funny funny stuff.
Okay, that should lighten up the post enough after the Schiavo crap. Hope everyone is doing well, I’m back to the Capstone studying. If I’m feeling adventurous, I might work up to my Chinese…. fat chance of that tonight!