Programming and Parking Craziness

So, a couple weeks back, I flew up to DSM to visit Angela. I was running late, and after 10 minutes of driving around Remote North Parking at DFW, I couldn’t find any open spots. Usually when this happens the attendants have us park on the islands, so that’s what I did. I came back the next Tuesday to find a ticket. That wasn’t much fun, but “oh well,” right? I did technically park illegally. Anyway, I went to pay the ticket to find that I had been double-ticketed! Evidently, I was ticketed on Monday as well, but there was no ticket on my Jeep. Also, that would be one hell of a way to make money – ticket a car everyday at an airport in long-term parking. Assholes. So, now I have to head into DFW tomorrow morning before class to contest the first ticket, and hopefully the second as well. Who knows. Crap, I say! The best part of this whole fiasco is that, if I can’t get them to drop the first “phantom” ticket, I will owe ($28*2)*2 == $112, on top of the parking fees I already paid since they double the fine after 15 days.
Right, so programming. I’m almost ready to release 1.1 of ESS, which should be nice. I’ve been fighting with old servers at work to get 1.0 running in the new building. If you think corporate IT moves slowly, check out university IT. A 10 second update to DNS has stalled after a week of trying to get them to move my entry to a new address. So, onward to a new server in a new building with a different dept’s IT staff. Sigh. The only reason it has become troublesome is the fact that the new building’s network is managed by a completely different dept, and their DNS resolves slower than it takes for me to inspect each individual IP and write out names with sharpie by hand! All should be good tomorrow, though. One of the campus labs just got all mac minis, and we’re inheriting their old dual 1.0 G4.
I’ll update tomorrow with the fun results of my “Administrative Hearing” for parking and the prod server move. Wheee.